Realtors and Title company information

**Dues are voluntary and are not transferable from seller to buyer

This information is provided as a courtesy to realtors who are listing property in a Burnett Ranch subdivision, for those representing buyers and for title companies handling the closing of a sale.

First, the BurRanch Owners' Association is not a home owners' association (HOA). The association exists solely for the ownership maintenance and operation of the park.

Second, membership in the park is only available to owners of property in the Burnett Ranch subdivisions. One membership is allowed per owner regardless of number of lots owned within the subdivisions. Tenants (long or short term or daily) are not permitted as members or as guests of the property owner.

Third, membership is voluntary. As such, property owners are never delinquent on dues. They are either a member or they are not. Membership is on an annual basis with dues payable on January 1st of each year. Dues are not prorated or transferable.

Lastly, the secretary/treasurer does not issue statements or letters to title companies regarding the information listed above or about any property in particular. 

And, on the subject of deed restrictions, the association has no jurisdiction over any of the lots within the Burnett Ranch subdivisions and does not keep records of such. Any questions about restrictions can be found on the deed and in the results of title search.

Contact the secretary/treasurer if you have further questions.